Whitsunday Health and Wellness Retreats


In one of the worlds most desirable destinations: The Whitsundays, Queensland.


Whitsunday Health & Wellness Retreats, offer holistic health and wellness in one of the worlds most desirable destinations; The Whitsundays.

Offering the ideal climate and the breathtaking scenery of 74 Whitsunday islands, fringing reefs and crystal blue waters.

Located within the natural beauty of a tropical island; our health and wellness retreats provide both groups and individuals with the optimal environment and freedom to focus upon themselves.

As a newer retreat our team of dedicated specialists offer the latest in health and wellness techniques and knowledge.

We take an holistic approach to health and well being. Providing education and experience in the mind, body and soul.

Our programs are designed with the right balance of
relaxation, challenge, fun, fitness and inspiration.

The Whitsundays team of specialists are dedicated to providing support and to empower individuals to live better, happier, healthier and more positive lives.

Life can be a wonderful journey!


Love, if I’m going to start talking about love, I can only do so from my point of view… But if i talk about love from my point of view, you might say ‘but that isn’t love… THIS is what love is’ and the next person might say ‘No THIS is what love is…’. Its the same boundless warm hearted feeling and yet each and every persons perception of what love it, how it should feel and what it should look like differs. Have you ever been in a relationship with a person who says they love you, but it doesn’t look or feel the way you thought it would? Like that birthday present you once dropped hints for, that when you finally unwrapped it, wasn’t quite right, wrong colour, wrong brand, wrong present altogether? Love can be like this, and if we limit our perception of it, so that only something that fits our ideal and our perceptions, then we may in fact miss out on the gift of love altogether. Author Gary Chapman highlighted that people express love through five different languages; • Words of Affirmation – spoken praise & appreciation • Acts of Service – helping a loved one • Gift Giving – showing love through giving gifts small and large • Quality time – giving undivided attention • Physical Touch – from a small touch here and there, to holding hands, kissing and of course sexual intimacy Perhaps already you can recognise which of these love languages you choose to communicate or receive. Or perhaps even you are unsure of how you enjoy giving and... read more

The Art of Listening

It’s a common scenario… you bump into, or receive a call from a good friend, only to have them bombard you with a high speed stream of words that leaves your head spinning. You haven’t been able to understand what they are trying to tell you, either because they are talking too fast for you to decipher the actual words or too fast for you to comprehend the message they are trying to get across. And your usual response ‘ok slooowww down I didn’t understand a word you are saying’. In an increasingly fast-paced world full of increasingly fast-paced yoga, where bodies are moved from pose to pose in an almost dizzying blur, I find it increasingly necessary to slow yoga practise down, to move through transitions mindfully and hold poses meaningfully. Why? For exactly the same reason we ask our friend to slow down as they share their exciting news. So that we can actually understand what is being said in our body as we practise yoga. Because amongst all the things our yoga practice can be for us, it is always an opportunity for us to practise the art of listening. The art of listening to your body, or listening to your emotions, or listening to your breath. And listening is an art, a sometimes much neglected skill, that many people think they possess but actually have never really mastered the art of. Take for example, your friend, as mentioned above, when they finally slowed down for you to be able to listen to their story. How would you listen? As they spoke would you be formulating... read more

Five Ways to Deal with Curveballs

Sometimes it takes a curveball, a life tsunami to shake you up – divorce, illness, redundancy or bankruptcy. It creates trauma in your life and forces change that is difficult to embrace. How can you welcome something that is the cause of so much pain for yourself and your loved ones? Does life really have to be a rollercoaster of fleeting happiness, sadness and challenges where you end up feeling numb to it all? And you box on as best you can and brace for the next storm, the next curveball that sideswipes you. After all what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? What if you could train yourself to see each trial as an opportunity? You prepare and are even willing to create change in your life, so that drama appears not as a curveball at all, but as an opportunity to learn and expand. And better still, it causes minimal damage because you see it coming? Hell! You can sidestep it and just take all the good stuff life has to offer? Well here are five ways to change your perception and dodge the curveballs! 1. Do Not Judge Yourself You are our own worst critic. Really practice kind words without framing it in pre-conceived beliefs about what, who and where you should be in life. You are where you are for a reason and your life purpose is only to live each moment with purpose. An event that rocks your world is an opportunity to find deeper meaning in your life – that’s why it’s called a life lesson! It is a gift of fresh... read more
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