A life changing personal development program.

Are you living the life that you dreamed of?

Do you feel as if you are living up to your highest potential?

Are you getting the results you desire?

If NO is your answer to any of the above, then it is time to bring yourself back inline with your dreams and start living a life you love.

This life changing 5 week program will undoubtedly take your life to another level.

Whether you are wanting to bring more success, more happiness, more money or more love into your life, this program will be your launching pad.

During the 5 week program you will be given tools and techniques that allow you to connect with your true self, discover your dream life and deal with the challenges that confront you along the way.

The 5 weekly sessions are one on one private get togethers, to ensure that you get all of my attention.

This is your life, so what are you waiting for. Stop waiting and start creating a life you love

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Course details

5 x 1 hr private sessions (Skype option available) – $300.00

Group sessions available upon request

Jacky Fleming is a Master Practitioner Member of the ABNLP.


What a life changing Experience!

After seeking personal coaching with Jacky, it has truly changed my life on so many levels…what I have learnt and gained in knowledge about myself will be with me forever. My marriage has benefited greatly, my children see me as a much happier person, and most importantly I feel more in control of myself.

You gave me the tools to overcome certain issues I struggled with, which I was always aware of but did not know how to apply them in my everyday life. I feel very lucky and fortunate to have taken the step to have personal coaching, as what I know now, I wish I knew 10 years ago.

I feel more confident as a woman, mother, wife and business owner, then ever before. I will continue with my personal coaching as I want to continue to grow, develop, learn & apply to my life. I look forward to where this journey will take me, in reaching my fullest potentials. My approach already to life has changed, which excites me.

Meiling Elson


I decided to speak to Jacky a few months ago, when my mother passed away. I have two small children and was finding it very hard trying to deal with them, everyday stress and the grief of losing my mother. Jacky taught me different techniques to cope with stress and to embrace my children and life. I am learning to love myself and to be more grateful for the everyday things. I always feel very comfortable and safe sharing my feelings with Jacky. I feel I have already made an improvement in myself and look forward to putting more of the techniques into practice.


Jubilee Pocket

I am pleased to have worked with Jacky, her genuine warmth and dedication to helping me made me feel very safe. I opened up and allowed myself to be guided by her. Jacky is a woman in business, a wife and a mother so she can relate to many issues that I was experiencing. I was unhappy with both my career and my relationship. Jacky gave me strategies and the inspiration to turn my life around and I can not thank her enough. I would happily recommend her services.


Airlie Beach


Love, if I'm going to start talking about love, I can only do so from my point of view… But if i talk about love from my point of view, you might say ‘but that isn't love… THIS is what love is’ and the next person might say ‘No THIS is what love is…’. Its the same...

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