I was, not to long ago; the person who continually had a to do list that outstretched the boundaries of any given time frame. Running around from one project to the next; trying to convince myself that I enjoyed operating this way.

I started to meditate and in the beginning it was extremely difficult to allow myself the time to practice. It was also difficult to calm my mind from thinking about all the things I could be doing; whilst I was sitting there meditating.

After some time, it got easier and more enjoyable. I am now at the point were I can apply this calmness into my everyday life and I can feel the benefits.

There have been many scientific studies and research done on the benefits of meditation

1. Brain Power – A study conducted at the University of California resulted in a possible link between meditation and the brains ability to speed up brain processing potential.
2. Less Anxiety – The more meditation that you engage in, the less likely you are to experience the feelings of anxiety
3. Memory – Mindfulness Meditation has been reported to enhance memory recall.
4. Heart Disease – A study done in November 2012 and published in “ Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes; suggests that meditation reduced the overall risk of heart attack.