It was on May 7th 2015 that I was asked the question “ what do you want in your life?”

WOW, I thought; what a powerful question.

Even though I had been focusing on this very thing for a number of weeks. It still was difficult to be exact enough to put it into words. I had a rough idea; I thought I might know but it was still sketchy.

A couple of days and many hours of thought later; I was ready with my answer.

I want to have my own business, were I am doing something that I love and that has meaning. I want to help people live the best lives that they can.

This was the thought that started my journey.

I focused on my dream of what I wanted, each and everyday, I nurtured this dream with encouragement, kindness and strength. As time went by my dream became more focused and I started to notice new opportunities. I started meeting people of interest/partners and found an endless amount of information and inspiration on the internet. There were however times of self doubt and the fear of failure but each time I managed to find the strength within to continue growing my dream. There were times that I came up against blocks, things not falling into place or resistance from others; but I persisted. My dream is now…

I will create and facilitate retreats, were people can come and focus on and reconnect with themselves; on their body, mind and their soul. I will inspire and assist people in leading a happy and positive life.

My first holistic 5 night retreat is scheduled for the 25th April 2016; at the beautiful Palm Bay Resort, Long Island, Whitsundays.

This is still only the beginning of my journey and I am so excited to see where I go, so excited to what develops. Our thoughts are so incredibly powerful, they can take us places and create many things.

Whether you think you can or think you can’t; you are right. So choose your thoughts carefully.