2 Day Private Retreats


Radically transform your life with this private one on one 2 day experience. These 2 day private experiences offer a variety of wellbeing tools and techniques and a timely flowing program maximising your results.

 2 Day Exploration Of “SELF”

Discover a life with less stress and anxiety. Restore and deepen your connection with your physical, mental and emotional self. Learn to fully love and support yourself in a comfortable, safe environment. This experience can be tailored and delivered in line with your requirements; as you are the only focus of the 2 days.

Each day starts at 9.00 am and finishes at 4.00 pm.

Day 1

A beautiful day, spent reconnecting with yourself. This experience will begin with balancing your energy, creating a sense of calmness and coming into the present. Turning your focus inwards, creating an deeper awareness of self.

The journey of self exploration begins.

Day 2

Let go of self imposed limitations, beliefs and behaviours, that no longer serve you. Gain clarity and be inspired as you become the best version of yourself and move towards a life that you love.

We Provide

  • Private tranquil retreat space overlooking the picturesque bay
  • Daily return pick up service (accommodation not included)
  • Daily well-being activities*
  • All activity equipment
  • Personal growth workbook
  • Lunch and liquids

*Mindfulness, Breathwork, Qi-gong, Energy Healing, Timeline Therapy, EFT / Matrix Re-imprinting, Infrared Sauna, Sensory Deprivation Tank, Mineral pool.

What You Will Learn

  • To increase self-awareness and acceptance
  • The practice and benefits of mindfulness and meditation
  • The connection of mind, body and soul through breathwork
  • How to love and nurture yourself
  • How to manage stress
  • How to gain more clarity and motivation
  • An attitude for gratitude
  • How to live a life you love


These retreats are designed to fit into your schedule. Select from a short intensive one day experiences or choose to immerse yourself in 2 or 3 full days. Send a personalised message with your preferred dates.

9.00am – 4.00pm over two days.


$700 p.p

Passion is the first word that springs to mind. Jacky’s passion is contagious. What a joy it was to spend the weekend with the 7 other participants. Only me to think about and what a wonderful location to do this. Everybody needs this at least once in their lives.

Judy Duffy

Jacky opened my mind to possibilities for my future that I had no idea I wanted, then assisted me to design a plan to go and get my dreams. She has awakened my sense of self love & taught me to prioritize my life. Thank you Jacky, it has been a real awakening.
Shelley Evans