3 Day Private Retreats


Radically transform your life with this private one on one 3 day experience. These 3 day private experiences offer a variety of wellbeing tools and techniques and a timely flowing program maximising your results.

3 Day Exploration Of “SELF”

Discover a life with less stress and anxiety. Restore and deepen your connection with your physical, mental and emotional self. Learn to fully love and support yourself in a comfortable, safe environment. This experience can be tailored and delivered in line with your requirements; as you are the only focus of the 3 days.

Each day starts at 9.00 am and finishes at 1.00 pm. This leaves you the remainder of the day to allow your experiences to soak in, relax and enjoy the Whitsundays.

Day 1 – Grounding Day

You will start the retreat experience by creating a sense of calmness, coming into the present and stepping out of life as you know it.

Day 2 – Who am I

A beautiful day spent reconnecting with yourself and seeing all the possibilities within

Day 3 – Letting Go and Moving Forward

On day 3, you will let go of all that no longer serves you and learn the skills to move forward into a life you love.

We Provide

  • Private tranquil retreat space overlooking the picturesque bay
  • Daily return pick up service (accommodation not included)
  • Daily well-being activities*
  • All activity equipment
  • Personal growth workbook
  • Lunch and liquids

*Mindfulness, Breathwork, Qi-gong, Energy Healing, Timeline Therapy, EFT / Matrix Re-imprinting, Infrared Sauna, Sensory Deprivation Tank, Mineral pool.

What You Will Learn

  • To increase self-awareness and acceptance
  • The practice and benefits of mindfulness and meditation
  • The connection of mind, body and soul through breathwork
  • How to love and nurture yourself
  • How to manage stress
  • How to gain more clarity and motivation
  • An attitude for gratitude
  • How to live a life you love


These retreats are designed to fit into your schedule. Select from a short intensive one day experiences or choose to immerse yourself in 2 or 3 full days. Send a personalised message with your preferred dates.

9.00am – 1.00pm over three days.


$900 p.p

Passion is the first word that springs to mind. Jacky’s passion is contagious. What a joy it was to spend the weekend with the 7 other participants. Only me to think about and what a wonderful location to do this. Everybody needs this at least once in their lives.

Judy Duffy

Jacky opened my mind to possibilities for my future that I had no idea I wanted, then assisted me to design a plan to go and get my dreams. She has awakened my sense of self love & taught me to prioritize my life. Thank you Jacky, it has been a real awakening.
Shelley Evans