Every year on January 1st; people from all around the world make a promise to do an act of self improvement.

Many of these promises are broken within the first week and less than a quarter actually reach their goal.

Make 2016 the year that you actually reach your health goals. Here are five pointers to help you get what you desire.

  1. Share your goal with others. You are more likely to achieve your goal with the support of friends and family.

  2. Make the goal as detailed as possible. Don’t just say “I want to lose weight”. Set the goal weight and the time frame in which you will achieve this.

  3. Commit to activities. Instead of saying “ I will exercise”; commit to exercise three times a week. Commit; and go ahead and book a health retreat, a boot camp or a fitness program.

  4. State your objective or goal in a positive statement. If cutting out junk food is your objective then say to yourself “ I will eat only fresh, healthy, good foods that make me feel better about myself.

  5. Don’t be to hard on yourself. If you do have a bad day and don’t stick to your plan. Then be kind to yourself, understand what happened and get back to it.