I watched the news last night and afterward found myself feeling saddened, negative and quite deflated.

The information we take in each day can be dominated by negativity. The daily news displays poverty, violence and destruction. Magazines advise what we need to do, to improve our less than perfect looks and lives. Before we know it we become in tune with this negativity and it begins to grow and flow within.

We find we are drawn to the negativity. We want more news, pick up more magazines so we can continue to compare ourselves to the perfect images within. Only to be disappointed again. We become involved in gossipy, negative conversations.

It is time to tune into a different energy. A more positive energy that reflects the life you want to live.

A life filled with love and happiness

Here are 5 steps you can take

1. Turned off the news and T.V dramas and watch something that feels good
2. Replace your magazine with a book that feeds your mind with positive thoughts
3. Politely withdraw from those negative conversations
4. Withdraw from the company of negative people and associate with people that leave you feeling good when you are in their company.
5. Notice the good, within what you perceive as the bad. “A rainy day is what nourishes the gardens”