1. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT – Try an activity you haven’t done before. Learning something new can be fun and challenging. Approach the new activity with sense of adventure and don’t pressure yourself to be anything more than the beginner.

2. GET CREATIVE – Paint a picture, make a sculpture, build a sensational sand castle. Get in there and make something with your hands and then stand back and admire your work, with pride

3. DANCE – There is something really enjoyable about the freedom and expression that is within dance. But don’t wait for your favorite band, to dance. Find rhythm in the everyday. Turn on a radio, sing out loud, stomp your feet. There are rhythms all around.

4. DO SOMETHING DARING – Get out of your comfort zone and dare to be daring. It brings a little excitement to your day.

5. GET WET – There is something about water fun. Kids love it and will literally spend hours playing with water. So jump in, make a water slide, dance under the hose or have a water fight.
The summer warmth is still here so now is the time.