Sometimes it is really hard to stay optimistic. When you start to feel that your plan isn’t going the way you had hoped for. When you are not getting the results you imagined. There are days when it seems like everything is against you. It would be easy to give up on what you are trying to achieve at this point.

I am going through this right now myself and know first hand how difficult it can be to stay focused on what you want to achieve. I also know that giving up right now, isn’t the answer. So what can you do when you are in this position.


  1. SUPPORT – Surround yourself with people who will encourage you and support you in your mission; when your energies are low.
  1. STAY STRONG – Take comfort in knowing that this moment will pass and that unseen opportunities are still possible.
  1. REMIND YOURSELF – Why did you choose to do what you are doing? Is this important to you? If you are doing this for good reason and it is of importance; then remind yourself of this.
  1. IMAGINE – Create the image in your mind of what your success would look like. Acknowledge how it feels within you and sit with these feeling for a few moments.
  1. NO FAILURE – There is no such thing as failure, when attempting to achieve something. Things may not always work out exactly as you had hoped for but what you have learned along the way is powerful.