This is your opportunity to take some time out and transform your life with a 1,2 or 3 day well-being retreat.

These retreat programs are carefully designed to create a sense of calmness, deepen your inner connection, bring about clarity and inspire you.

What makes these retreats so special and unique is that you are the only person in attendance. You have sole use of the facilities.

Choose a suitable date, select your desired duration and begin this life changing experience.

1 Day Private Retreats

2 Day Private Retreats

3 Day Private Retreats

What an amazing weekend and space you have created Jacky! I cannot recommend you highly enough for anyone at all! I cannot believe the difference in my head space that you have helped me create within a couple of days. And Meaghan is just the most beautiful yoga instructor who made my very uncoordinated self so comfortable and at ease. And the food was beautiful.

Meagan Pearson

I am so grateful to have met Jacky. Jacky has really helped me in so many ways. With her help I am moving forward in life, in a much more positive way. I received more guidance from Jacky in three days, than three years of therapy.
Leanne Marriott

Thank you Jacky. This retreat has changed my life for the better. Amazing and I do highly recommend. Just what I needed. I am so grateful for this help. Thank you thank you thank you!
Trish Emerald

Amazing, healing and truly transformational in a safe and wonderful zone

Lani Hilder

I found the combination of the breath, guidance and music, very powerful. I was carried along into another state. I felt a strong tingling and a deep connection with my true self; which released a lot of emotions. An overall sense of connection, relaxation and peace.

Charlie Wilson

Such an amazing day spent with Jacky. The breath work was transformative! She is such an insightful person and a wonderful guide. If you are looking for some direction with a life challenge, then Jacky is the woman for you. As an added bonus, her green tea and food are delicious.

Caroline Brennan