On February 17th we had National Acts of Kindness Day; but don’t worry if you missed it; because you still have a chance to give a little kindness on November 13th.

The November date marks World Kindness Day. This special day encourages people around the world to overlook boundaries and engage in a state of being kind, charitable, pleasant and showing tenderness and concern for others.

Many people take part in this day and enjoy doing and giving their acts of kindness.

It gives great joy to both the giver and the receiver. The smallest of kind gestures or words are never wasted as they can make such a massive difference to the receivers day.

So why do we wait for these marked days on the calendar, to make an effort to be kinder?

It is not a difficult task and it is pleasurable to do. So what is happening?

Well, it seems that we just simply get caught up in living our busy lives and focusing inwardly.

We go through part of the day on auto pilot; not noticing those around us. It is not that we don’t want to be kind; we just simply forget to make the effort, at times.

I suggest that you pick a day of the coming week and make that your secret kindness day.

Open your eyes on that chosen day, to all the opportunities you have to give some kindness and make someone feel good. I also suggest that we mark November 13th 2016 in our calendars and take part in this global day of kindness