We offer a range of holistic well-being therapies. Select from our stand alone therapies, combo’s or packages.

Float Tank – Sensory Deprivation Thereapy

60 minute session | $75
90 minute session | $95
120 minute session | $115

The ultimate in relaxation and with many physical and mental health benefits.

Let go of all distractions, suspend your body in weightlessness and reach new levels of relaxation. All sessions offer the option of music and lights if preferred.

The many benefits include:

  • Reduced muscular stiffness and recovery
  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Improves the condition of skin
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Increases mental clarity
  • Increases creativity

Infrared Sauna & Light Therapy

30 minute session | $40

Infrared sauna is excellent for anyone who wants to detox, improve immune function, relieve chronic fatigue, muscle and joint pains, skin issues, brain fog, chemical sensitivities, and reduce stress.

Studies have shown that infrared saunas are beneficial for people with:

  • Stress
  • Sleep issues
  • Skin problems
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Depression
  • Poor digestion
  • Chronic muscle and joint pain
  • Allergies
  • Weight issues
  • Low Immunity and more.

Energy Healing

45 minutes | $70

Clearing energy blocks and stagnation with a hands on approach. Raising your vibrational frequency and restoring harmony, energy and balance. A deeply relaxing session.

Breath Therapy

45 minutes | $70

Your Breath is a simple tool for self awareness, transformation, growth and healing. Its your very own super power; the link between how you are feeling physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will guided through a breathing practice, that will open up the energetic channels, releasing blockages; allowing you to heal.


Sauna & Float
90 minute session | $100

Sauna / Float & Energy Healing
120 minute session | $160

Float & Energy Healing or Breath Therapy
90 minute session | $140



Six Float Package | $360
6 x 60 minute floats
6 months expiry